What is Aspire?


  • To direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something great.

  • To desire, hope for, dream of, long for, and wish for.

Aspire was founded on the idea of helping women achieve greatness. After being fed up with seeing women spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve their dream body, and not actually reach it. I knew there was a better way.

We guarantee to get you to your goals, no matter how big or small they are. Our coaches have real world experience, either changing their own physiques and/or clients. Our methods are tried, tested and proven! (Check out our Before & After’s to see the proof). Not to worry, we get results without the use of crash diets and fad training programs.

Most of us believe we need to change everything to obtain the flawless body we want, but that’s not actually true. Our clients achieve incredible results, and maintain them because we do the complete opposite. We want this to be a lifestyle change for you, not another failed attempt at losing weight. We believe in changing the least amount of habits possible to help achieve your goals.


There are some major problems in the fitness industry right now-

Problem 1: Personal trainers and coaches are constantly trying to bring clients in the door, and never really focus on the clients they have.

Our Solution: Our coaches specialize in taking care of their clients- no “sales calls”, no “pitching”, just taking care of our clients and ensuring each and every client is successful. After all- isn’t that what you are paying for- results?


Problem 2: Coaches blame clients for their lack of success.

Our Solution: Instead of telling the client what we think they want, we listen! We create solutions based on the clients’ needs and wants. If you want to have a few glasses of wine a week- hey, we can work that in, and teach you how to incorporate a glass of wine or two, and while we’re at it, we will teach you why you shouldn’t feel guilty (if you want to learn why not to feel guilty, you’ll have to sign up for one of our programs)! 


Problem 3: Coaches shaming clients for eating “bad foods”

Our  Solution: Newsflash. We love cake. And cupcakes. And wine. And pizza. Mmmm, pizza! You’re a real person, with a real life- work commitments, family commitments, friends, and we are too! We love our tasty treats, and we will never shame you into eating them (and if it looks good enough- we’ll probably ask for the recipe!) 


Problem 4: The “Do it because I said so” mentality 

Our Solution: If someone tells you to do it because they said so, chances are, they don’t really know why you should be doing it, they just heard it from a friend who heard it worked for one of their clients. We provide in depth education for our clients to ensure they know the “why”, because it you don’t know the why, you are less likely to follow the instructions. 


Problem 5: The “All or Nothing” Mentality

Our Solution: This doesn’t work long term. It never does, and we recognize this. We like to teach that it’s ok sometimes to kick off your sandals, cuddle up by the fire and have some s’mores. The idea that I could never have a treat again makes me want to stuff my face with marshmallows and chocolate and cake- right now! When we tell ourselves something is “off-limits”, we crave it even more. If you allow yourself to have those foods, and take away the guilt, we begin to heal our relationship with food. Ultimately, long-term success comes from healing our relationship with food. 

How we are different:

  • We care about you! Your success is our success and we our just as invested in your results as you are. We follow and engage with you on social media, and we surround you with a group of supportive, like minded women. We even call you to check in on you, and especially when you go MIA for a day or two!
  • We plan according to your life! You can’t do a workout Wednesday- no worries! We will work around your lifestyle! Going out for dinner Saturday? No worries- we will teach you how to have a delicious dinner and a glass of wine without the guilt!
  • We will teach you how to have your cake and results, too!