How do you build nice round glutes?

How do you build nice round glutes?

Ahh!! I love this question!!! It is right up my alley! I used to be a runner too- note my marathon tattoo on my arm from my first marathon in 2008. I definitely know where you are coming from girl!

Here are my 3 tips for growing glutes!

TIP 1: Lower reps and higher sets work best for glute development.

I would recommend anywhere from 4-6 sets for glute exercises, and if you want to really develop them, I’d train them 2x per week.
I recommend staying in the 8-10 rep range for a novice lifter, and the key is that if your rep goal is 8 reps, you lift a weight that you literally could not do 9 reps with. And if you can do all your reps (say your goal is 10), and you do all 10, next set you add more weight- not next workout, the same day!

TIP 2:  Lift heavy

What I have found has grown my glutes (and my clients glutes) are lifting HEAVY!!! Your glutes are the biggest muscle group on your body, and to build a round booty, you need to do exercises that challenge your glutes. These 100 rep squat challenges are actually just making your glutes more flat because more reps are training for endurance, not for size and shape.

TIP 3: Best Booty Building exercises: Sumo deadlifts, barbell split squats, knee high step ups

Last, my favorite exercises that I have found work really well are sumo deadlifts (staying within an 8-10 rep range), meaning lift as heavy as you can so if you had to do 11 reps you couldn’t do it. Another great exercise is barbell split squats, again, 8-10 reps is really good for the glutes and quads as well. I also really like knee high step ups with weight.

And that’s it! If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to post in the comments below! We love to hear from you!