Resistance VS Compliance

Resistance VS Compliance

Resistance VS Compliance.


It can be applied to nearly everything in life when you think about it, not just a state of fitness. While you read this article, think back over the years of your life where you may have been resistant or compliant and the outcomes that those attitudes created.

We are ALWAYS in a state of either resistance or a state of compliance.

Most people who attempt to lose weight will fail to do lose weight.

Most people will never achieve their true potential in their life.


Because they remain in a state of RESISTANCE.

Resistant to their goals, resistant to change. This can be direct or indirect.

Saying you want to achieve something, but not working to achieve it, is a state of resistance.

Having a project/job to do but putting it off until the last minute is a state of resistance.

Not “eating well”, knowing full well what you need to eat to achieve your goals is a state of resistance.

This type of resistance is easier to control.

Then there are indirect states of resistance, like negative self talk/doubt.

The negative things we say; “I can’t”, or your excuses, or the negative mindset towards something (I’ve never been X,Y,Z so why would it be any different now)

We hear it all the time (in general life).

“I can’t do that”, “I’m fat”, “I’m ugly”, “I can’t follow that eating” , “I’ll never be as successful as him/her”, “I’ll never be able to do that”, “I’m weak”…

I’m sure you’ve said to yourself “I’m my own worst critic”, and if you have, think about it like this- what if you were your own BEST FRIEND?

How would your life be different?

We would NEVER let our best friend, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother talk to themselves like that, and we would never say things like that to them (you’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re worthless) YET A LOT OF US SAY IT TO OURSELVES ALL THE TIME.

I see it too often. Women will say “wow she looks AMAZING”, or “wow she’s so beautiful” but say “Oh I wish I was doing that well” (Even if they ARE doing that well!) ” Or I’ll never be as beautiful as her”, even if they are stunning!

Resistance is exhausting! 

You SAY you want one thing, but you are constantly in a state of resistance. It does not make sense.

You want something, but TELL your mind something else. It’s the reason most people don’t achieve their goals.


Now, let’s talk about COMPLIANCE.

When you are compliant with your goals or your values, you will succeed EVERY SINGLE TIME.

When you throw out that negative self talk and say things like ” I can do this” or “I will succeed” or “I’m bad ass!!!” “I’m tired but I will do what I need to today to make myself PROUD”, “I AM WORTHY”, “I am beautiful” and my favourite ” I DESERVE THIS”…. change your mindset!

Be compliant with your goals, in every opportunity to do so.

Of course this is much easier to say than to do, so when you catch yourself with negative self talk, STOP it, and say something POSITIVE.

At first, chances are, you won’t believe yourself, and you’ll probably think it’s stupid, because you’ve trained yourself to believe the negativity, but do what I do, say it outlaid at LEAST 10 times getting louder and louder each time you repeat the phrase!

I have seen women burst into tears doing this.

And thats completely OK. It’s a good thing!

Because in your mind, it clicked. Your mind realized you have been a BULLY to yourself.

Next time you say screw it, and decide you’re not following your nutrition, or not work on that project that could get you that raise, or whatever else it may be, ask yourself WHY. What GOOD is going to come of it?

Will you feel better about yourself not working towards your goals?

Will you feel better about yourself about not following your nutrition?

Will you feel better about yourself “wasting” a day that could have been spent moving you closer to what you really want?

People don’t THINK about the consequences when they do things. This is because when we develop habits, over many years, eventually they become mindless. Ask yourself, the last time you had a cookie, did you think about your goals before you bit into the cookie, or did you realize it after? If you don’t like the cookie analogy, or you don’t eat cookies, think about your cell phone, how many times in the day do you look at your phone, or go on Facebook, in the middle of doing something else, or how many times do you go to the Facebook homepage at work when you meant to send an email? How many times do you re-fresh the homepage to burn five minutes then “snap out of it” and try to remember what you were doing before that?

There have been many studies that have proven habits are mindless after a certain amount of repetitiveness, then once the habit is over, we “snap out of it” and realize what we have done. It’s not that you are a bad person, that is how our brains work.

If you want to learn more about the study of habits and our brains, watch this video here.

Losing weight isn’t about working out, it isn’t as much about nutrition, as it is about changing your mind and your thoughts. So many of us work RE-ACTIVELY. We do something (without thinking because it’s a habit) THEN think about what we just DID.

The keys to success are to be PRO-ACTIVE and to be COMPLIANT. ANYONE that does this WILL SUCCEED 100% of the time.

Ask yourself this, do you think Taylor Swift was negative about becoming a singer? The woman has bridged from country to pop and is now one of the most successful women in the world.

NO! Absolutely not.

She WANTED it, and I’m certain she did EVERYTHING she could get there because she knew she deserved it.

Do you think Taylor Swift calls herself ugly? Or worthless? I highly doubt it.

When you are feeling negative, ask yourself what would (your favourite celeb/singer/etc) do?

Do you think they would resistant?

Do you think they would make excuses?

Or be compliant?

Next time you catch yourself trying to be resistant and making excuses, ask yourself why? Why are you trying to resist what you said you wanted so badly?

We SAY we want to lose weight and be more toned, but we FIGHT it. We SAY we want a better job, or to be happy, yet we FIGHT it.


This stems back to our beliefs- it could be what family members said to other family members, it could be what someone said to us, what we heard others say..

Heck, you might not even know, but look around at the people who have surrounded you in your life- are they positive? Are the supportive?

Do they always try to succeed, are they boosting others moral?

Or are they negative and rude, do they put others down?

It’s not hard to see why some people succeed and some people fail.

Just recently I saw an old client with her spouse, and he was incredibly mean to her, he obviously talks like that to her a lot, because she didn’t blow up, she just took his negativity….

I can see 120% why she didn’t succeed.

Not only did she speak a lot of negative self talk, but she was SURROUNDED by it- her husband was feeding into her resistance and telling her why she would never accomplish anything.

Unfortunately she probably will never reach her goals, which is truly heartbreaking because EACH AND EVERY ONE of us DESERVES TO BE TRULY HAPPY WITH THEMSELVES and SEE THE BEAUTY in which our body can achieve.

I hope this post will make you THINK next time you try to be resistant, or make excuses.

And remember, many of us have been trained our whole lives to be resistant, you might even be resistant reading this, and we are resistant WITHOUT even thinking, because that’s how we have been trained to think, and that’s how habits work.

CATCH YOURSELF next time, BE AWARE of your words, and speak with compliance, speak with positivity, say it OVER AND OVER again until YOU BELIEVE it, because eventually you will.

Remember: The MIND is INCREDIBLY powerful!

You can’t say one compliant/positive thought and another 20,000 negative/resistant ones, you need to WORK to change it.