#WCW – Laura Fraser

#WCW – Laura Fraser

I am so excited to announce our #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) this week; Laura Fraser.

Laura has been working with us since March 1, and has since lost 20 lbs and 16 inches!

When Laura first started, she was eating a lot of “healthy foods”. As I always say, there is a difference between eating for health and eating for body composition. You can eat healthy but not look the part- just because something is healthy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to help you lose weight. Eating too much of even healthy food can make you gain weight.

This is just one day from Laura’s food journal when she started with Aspire. Like many women, a lot of her days with filled with foods that are considered healthy; smoothies, Active yogurt, Ezekiel bread, canned tuna, almonds, peanut butter, etc.

The secret to Laura’s amazing results wasn’t “cleaning up” her eating. It was changing the amount of food she was eating.

March Food

Laura’s BMR (basal metabolic rate) based on her age, weight and height, she burns about 1530 calories a day. Once you include her activity level (including her workouts and what she does for a living), her body burns about 1900 calories. On average, Laura was eating between 1600-2100 calories on any given day. She was eating a great amount of protein, which is not common for women, but on the flip side, she was also having a lot of carbs and fat as well, which was throwing off the ratio of protein/fat/carbs.

We reduced her intake to 1448 calories, 145 carbs, 48 fat, and 109 protein. Her protein intake stayed roughly the same but her fat intake was almost cut in half and her carbs were reduced by about 100 grams. Laura’s body has been extremely responsive to this, as we haven’t had to change her macronutrients since we first set them!

I often get asked “when should I change up my macronutrients”. It is not a simple answer. It is dependent on many variables:

  • Appetite:
    Many women find themselves not hungry, and over time in our program, their appetite increases. An increase in appetite doesn’t always mean an increase in metabolism. It could mean the client is:

    • sleep deprived (known to increase appetite),
    • dehydrated,
    • increase in stress,
    • not eating all their macronutrients (which does happen. Sometimes I will see a client say they are hungry, but after close inspection, you can see they are not eating all the food they have been recommended to eat, in which case, we recommend clients follow the plan ūüôā
  • Plateau:
    If and client hits a plateau, it could be many things. This is very normal, and expected. I don’t like to give clients 100 things to do then plateau, I like to do one thing at a time and then when they plateau, add in something new.
  • Energy levels (both while training, after training and overall daily energy levels):
    Energy levels don’t always have to do with nutrition. If a clients’ energy level goes from high to low, it could be a reflection of over-training, or not enough food, or not enough sleep.
  • Change (increase/decrease) in activity level:
    Sometimes a client will decide they want to run a 5k, 10k, or 1/2 marathon, or want to start training for the Mud Run, or something along those lines, in which case, we would need to adjust their macros based on their new energy expenditure.Other times, a client may become injured, in which case they are unable to exercise as much as they were before, meaning they are not burning as many calories as before, in which case we would need to adjust their macros based on the lower energy expenditure

We also found Laura’s body goes in spurts for her fat loss. ¬†She will have two submissions that she will lose weight (average of 2 lbs) , then one submission where she loses a bit (average of .6 lbs). Her highest amount of LB’s lost in two weeks was 6.5LBS, and her lowest in two weeks was .4 LBS.

Laura’s perseverance has allowed her to see and understand this pattern, and expect it this every few weeks and not to become discouraged.

Laura's Fat Loss

We had a chance to catch up with Laura and ask her about her experience!

How has the Total Body Transformation Program change your life?

This program has changed my life in many ways.

The first is that I feel better! I like what I see in the mirror. That’s huge, as that just makes the start of your day so much better.

I don’t get as tired throughout the day anymore, as I have more energy.

I now pay attention to what I eat, which I never did before and I feel better for it.

I actually get up in the mornings now to make sure that I get a full day out of it (which includes giving myself time to workout…which I would always make excuses for not having time for).

What would you say to others who are considering the program? 

I have proudly recommended this program to people! Everyone has noticed the difference in me and have asked me what’s my secret. I tell them that I joined this program and it helps making watching what you eat and working out easy…or at least an active part of your everyday.

I would tell them that you get more support joining this program than any other out there. Between Brittany and the other girls in the group you constantly have someone keeping you accountable for your actions!

I love the support that the program offers because doing this on my own wouldn’t have happened without the support and encouragement from Brittany and the other lovely ladies who are along for the ride with you.

The program takes you and tweaks you and you mindset to make you a better version of yourself without turning your whole world upside down. Its a doable change!

What are you most proud of yourself for?

I’m proud of the fact that I have made such a physical change. I’ve always tried to get into shape but never really known how.

The biggest way is through a determined mindset. Everyday I wake up and plan my day before it begins.

I make time for me and my workouts everyday (well 4-6 times a week) and I stick to it.

Even on days when I have zero desire to workout I force myself to do it anyways and I always and proud and happy with myself for pushing it!

I’m also very proud of myself for watching my macros and calorie intake.¬† While this is also the thing I struggle the most with, it is also the thing that I thought I could never do in a million years! I love eating everything! haha. I will continue to struggle and be proud of myself for fighting through it everyday!

What are the most important things you have learnt about yourself?

I’ve learnt that I’m determined, my own worst critic, and I love eating! I force myself everyday to do my workout and to do my nutrients.

I carve out time for myself everyday and I no longer make excuses not to! I’ve learned very well to plan my weeks out ahead of time! I figure out what days are good for workouts and which ones aren’t. I go shopping for food thinking about what the week ahead will look like!

I’ve learned a lot about willpower between the days when I don’t really feel like working out, but do it anyways and feel great for it!¬†For the days I don’t do so well, I tend to be very hard on myself as I feel like a failed.

I know it’s ok to have an off day but I always hate it and puts me in a bad mood and then usually makes the day even more off…spiral effect. I’m working on it. I love to eat everything…and I always want to. So hard to resist sometimes!


What are the 3 most important things you learnt about nutrition/training/mindset?

¬†I’ve learnt that its important to make sure that you include protein, fat and carbs in every meal as that gives you energy! And recording everything that you intake really helps you control your nutritional intake as well as helping with your nutritional mindset.

Once you see what your taking in that you can really focus on getting the good nutrient in you and leaving the bad behind because you’re so much more aware of what your eating. Training requires effort and dedication.¬† You need to set your mind in focus.

You will workout and you will make it through it.  I learned to keep that in my head and I always get through my workouts! And when it starts getting easy, you need to up your weight or reps.

Workouts are always suppose to be hard…that’s why they’re called workouts haha!

What tips would you give others about achieving their own goals? 

I would say that you need to plan out your days.  If you have a schedule for yourself, then your most likely going to stick to it.

If you just try to wing it as you go then chances are you aren’t going to fulfil your days to the best that they could be.

Also determination and a strong mindset also help a lot! And for the days that you don’t have a great support system to help you through.


Laura Fraser colour run

Laura also trained and completed the 5k Colour Run during the program!


Laura will be doing the Bladder Cancer Awareness Walk on September 27th. Her mother has had bladder cancer twice and is in her final treatment stage as we speak. To support Laura on her walk, please click here to make a donation !