Why We Often Don’t Grab Wonderful Opportunities When They are Presented to Us

Why We Often Don’t Grab Wonderful Opportunities When They are Presented to Us

After the ages of 7 or 8, we don’t often talk about what scares us anymore. We learn that fear is to be avoided and certainly not discussed. We find coping mechanisms (putting the spider under the teacup is equivalent to it not being there at all…right?!) to deal with things that scare us.

But what about when we are faced with scary things in terms of our career? Our health? Our fitness? In another blog, we wrote about being afraid to go to the gym because it’s intimidating. Women especially find themselves intimidated when considering changing careers or applying for a promotion.

But why are we afraid? What is that nagging feeling that causes us to shy away from opportunities presented to us? It’s a sinking, terrible feeling called insecurity. That fear that you’re just not good enough. We tell ourselves a million excuses to satisfy our insecurities: we don’t have enough education, we’re not pretty/thin/fit/smart enough, etc.

There are lots of things wrong with this way of thinking, but the biggest issue is that it prevents you from embracing opportunities that could be beneficial to you in so many ways. Yes, applying for a new job or making a career change is scary, but it can also be rewarding and exciting! Allowing ourselves to become complacent and sit with mediocrity because it’s safer than taking risks prevents us from living a full and enriching life filled with successes, adventures and happiness.

When considering whether or not the risk is worth taking (whether it’s to try a new fitness class, speed dating or finally writing that novel), ask yourself if you’ll be any unhappier than you are right now. Chances are, the risk will pay off and you’ll find your happiness and self-satisfaction increase. Believe in your abilities and talents and you’ll overcome that nasty voice in your head in no time!